Brisingr nominated to “The Aces of Empik”

We are happy to inform you, that the book, entitled "Brisingr", by Christopher Paolini, was short listed to the three works running for the title of “Bestseller 2008” in the fantasy category.
The winners list of the annual Empik Plebiscite - Bestseller 2008 will be announced on 28th January 2009.  
“Brisingr” (pronounced [bree – sιn – gr] by Christopher Paolini, that is volume 3 of the adventures of Eragon, appeared at Empik stores on 14th November 2008. It is the 3rd volume of “The Inheritance Cycle”. Christopher Paolini, a 15-year old author of a mega bestseller “Eragon” never went to school. He wrote the novel, “Eragon”, about a 15-year old boy, who finds a mysterious stone. The stone turns out to be a dragon’s egg. Soon, Eragon establishes a mental connection with a she-dragon, whom he names Saphira. It also turns out, that the boy is the first of the new generation of the Dragon Riders, the legendary warriors mounting dragons, murdered by a vicious king, Galbatorix. Eragon becomes a key person, deciding in the war between the powers of Galbatorix and the resistance movement of Vardens.  
The adventures of Eragon were published in more than 50 countries worldwide. The 4th (last) volume of the adventures of Eragon is under preparation.
Bestseller – previously known as The Aces of Empik – is the biggest culture plebiscite in Poland. “Voting” takes place all year round at Empik bookstores, everywhere in Poland. Each purchase made in the given calendar year is one vote cast for the given title.