The title of Gazele Biznesu 2006 awarded to Firma Księgarska Jacek Olesiejuk

We have the opportunity to inform you with genuine pleasure, that once again FK Jacek Olesiejuk was honored with the prestigious award in the Gazele Biznesu 2006 ranking, organized by PULS BIZNESU. 

The Gazele Biznesu ranking is a list of the most dynamic companies in Poland. The criteria deciding on qualification to this group are as follows: - financial results from the last 3 years, - the dynamics of a company’s development, - transparency, reliability, and clarity of the operations. The elements differentiating this ranking and making it untypical are the following: - verification of the companies on the basis of all available disclosed materials collected by Coface Poland, - qualification for the assessment by Coface Poland on the basis of the market activity of the company, - free participation and no self-proposal.

What does such honor give? First of all, a guarantee for the business partners, that the company receiving it met all the aforementioned conditions and achieves better and better results. The sign of this success is the logo of Gazele Biznesu – the best recommendation of a company on the Polish business market.   

Another award for FKJO motivates the company to further development in return for appreciation of our effort and effective work.