BCC - FKJO in the group of the Best Ones!!!

Firma Księgarska Jacek Olesiejuk sp. z o.o. joined the members of Business Centre Club – an elitist club of entrepreneurs and the biggest organization of private employers in Poland, which associates over 1200 companies, mainly privately-owned, represented by almost 2000 entrepreneurs, managing the capital of PLN BN 200, and employing 600 thousand people. Business Centre Club (BCC) operates from 1991. It was established to support entrepreneurial Polish business people, promote economic development, and lobby for undertakings strengthening and facilitating conducting economic activity.

The members of BCC include the biggest international corporations, financial and insurance institutions, telecommunications companies, the biggest Polish manufacturers, tertiary education institutions, publishing concerns, etc. The Club associates over 200 foreign companies, as well.

Firma Księgarska Jacek Olesiejuk is the first enterprise from the book distribution market invited to Business Centre Club. Within the confines of the membership FKJO will be in the group of companies shaping the activities targeted at the benefit of the whole economy.

Simultaneously, the Club will support FKJO by the following:

- providing economic information at seminars, workshops, and lobbying meetings,

- legal and tax consultancy as regards the legislation of the European Union, restructuring, and legal form restructuring of  enterprises,

- distributing the offer of FKJO,

- support in promotional and advertising activities,

- issuing a Diploma – Recommendation and letters of reference,

- making preferential offers availble, for which only the BCC members are eligible.

Firma Księgarska Jacek Olesiejuk appreciates this extremely important honor, which is important also for the Polish book distribution market.