Firma Księgarska Jacek Olesiejuk a winner of the “SOLIDNA FIRMA 2006” Contest

Dear All,

We are happy to announce, that Firma Księgarska Jacek Olesiejuk Sp. z o.o. became one of the winners of this year’s edition of the SOLIDNA FIRMA 2006 (TRUSTWORTHY COMPANY 2006) contest.

The Economic and Consumer Program Trustworthy Company is continuously developing from the moment of its launch in 2002. This undertaking is now well-established in the Polish reality as the “lobby for transparent business”, and incorporates several basic elements: - it certifies enterprises for their reliability and awards them with the prestigious emblem of SOLIDNA FIRMA; - it promotes and supports the creation of a positive image of companies operating in accordance with the ethical standards; - it arranges environment for responsible partnership and cooperation; - it offers its participants the possibility to establish new business contacts; - it facilitates the access to programs co financed from the EU funds. The “Solidna Firma” Program is the best promoted undertaking of this kind in Poland. The lists of candidates and winners were placed on over 2000 billboards, several thousand posters, and in many press publications, in booklets, and leaflets. The complete lists of prizewinners were published in Rzeczpospolita and Trybuna, among others.