FK Jacek Olesiejuk a Prizewinner of 16th Edition of TERAZ POLSKA

The main statutory purpose of the Foundation of the Polish Promotional Emblem is to promote products, services, and municipalities in Poland and abroad. The best products and services are appointed annually in the Contest for the Polish Promotional Emblem "Teraz Polska". Since 2007 also municipalities have the opportunity to be awarded.

Dear All,

We have the great pleasure to inform you, that our Company was awarded in the 16th Edition of the Promotional Emblem Teraz Polska. The prize was awarded in the category: Service: wholesale of books and printed publications.

The Foundation concentrates in its activity on the continuous strengthening of the rank of the „Teraz Polska” Emblem, and making sure it is esteemed and has the appropriate authority, both among producers and consumers. The Emblem is the best showcase of a company, the symbol of its professionalism and reliability. The most trustworthy witnesses are the companies awarded themselves, claiming that: “winning the Emblem increases the prestige of the company and the trust from its business partners”.

On 12th June 2006 during a solemn Gala Concert at the “Kongresowa” Hall in Warsaw, the Foundation of the Polish Promotional Emblem finished another, 16th edition of the “TERAZ POLSKA” Contest for the Best Products and Services. 93 companies participated in the event, 77 of which were nominated to the “Teraz Polska” Emblem, while only 26 products and services were actually awarded. The Final of each subsequent edition of the „Teraz Polska” Contest is one of the most important cultural events, simultaneously promoting the achievement of the Polish economy.

The information comes from the www.terazpolska.pl website.